Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Races

ZOMG! Our friends Tim and Ali just had a baby! Her name is Elinor, though they will be calling her Nora. Since both of our babies are named Nora, I figure we should have some baby races.

Race 1: Weight
Our baby is clearly smashing Tim and Ali's in this category. Our Nora weighed over 11 pounds at her last pediatrician visit. She probably weighs almost 12 pounds by now. Tim and Ali's Nora weighs only 6 pounds 5 oz. Yes, she may be at a slight disadvantage--being just born and all. But our baby could eat their baby. Crush her. No contest!
Winner: Our Nora

Race 2: Hair
Ok, so our baby is a bit lacking in the hair department.
Exhibit A
And from the picture I have, the new Nora is rocking a really awesome faux hawk. Our child will not have that much hair for years. Sorry my dear--you'll have to earn your hipster cred with ironic onesies instead.
Winner: Other Nora

Race 3: Cuteness
I happen to think that our baby is pretty cute. I mean...look at this face:
Exhibit B
But I am willing to concede that Tim and Ali have also produced a fine looking baby. One might even say adorable. One might even go so far as "super adorable". So we'll call this one a draw.
Winner: Nora

So that leaves us at a tie
Nora: 2
Nora: 2

I guess we'll have to wait until they're older for the cage match tie breaker.

1 comment:

Ali said...

A tie? Unacceptable. Our Nora should know that we only accept winners in this family! We've got her on a 24/7 chunking regimen so she can win the weight division. If she keeps gaining an ounce a day, she'll be 457 pounds by the time she's 20!
I'm not sure what to do about the cuteness, but massive plastic surgery can't hurt.