Monday, March 24, 2008

Weddin'in--aka: Lovefest 2008

So Ross and I are getting married this May. We were engaged last August, which qualifies us as having a "short" engagement. However, on this end, it seems to have dragged on for-freaking-ever. I've officially crossed "wedding planner" off of my list of potential careers when I grow up. 8 months ago, Ross told me that he wanted a real wedding. 4 months ago, he decided that maybe a trip to Vegas might have been more fun.

But we have reached the home stretch, and it is starting to feel almost "fun" (not so much that I feel like removing the quotation marks, but more fun than it has been). Six months ago, everything was far far away and entirely hypothetical, so it was difficult to really get excited about preparing for it. But now that the time line is measured in weeks (5 of them) rather than months, it is much easier to think of the endless errands in terms of planning a party (a big party...with beer...and tamales) rather than an abstract THING that sucks up big chunks of time with no reward. That is not to say that life is all skittles and beer--I spent most of the day Thursday driving to a dress fitting on the other side of Detroit (those words make me shudder, truly), and last night was spent cutting, gluing, and tying teeny-tiny pieces of ribbon (more on that later). But the end is in sight--and it looks like a rockin' good time.

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