Sunday, March 23, 2008

In which I enter the so-called "blogo-tubes"

Hi all! Welcome to my blog.

First things first--why moot point tango? Well, it is a combination of words that is infrequently taken, and thus it is my default for many titles--including my photography "business" (so-called, because I have a tax number, not because it actually makes money). I also happen to like the way it sounds--so there.

I intended this blog as a way for my friends and family (most of whom live far from me) to find out what I'm up to. Thus, I'm probably just going to run the gambit topic-wise. Some entries will be work-related--things that I'm thinking about, research problems I'm having, and interesting bits of things that I've read. But hopefully those will be liberally interspersed with the other parts of my life. At the beginning, I'll probably write quite a lot about impending wedding items--because that has taken over my life like a bad b-movie monster--but in a month or so that will be over, and we'll be back to my regular life, full of fast cars, cat acrobatics, and secret ninja-stuff.

Or maybe I made that last part up.

I'm not particularly good at this informal writing thing--so I expect that this will be a rough start. But bear with me! Hopefully, it will get better as I go along. And if not--well, I apologize in advance. Oh--you should also be aware of my affinity for the double-dash, ellipses, and lengthy parenthetical. I'll try to rein that in, but it will be very difficult. Also, I'm not nearly as funny as certain other people we all know--so I won't try!

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