Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've always wondered what to call those packets of saltines...

I'm sick today. I started to feel sick last night, but chalked it up to insomnia-related stomach upset. Nope. I have a bona-fide stomach bug.

This morning was awful, but this afternoon, I'm not actually feeling that bad--mostly because I've been keeping my stomach half full of food since lunch (so far today, I've consumed a bowl of cereal, yogurt, a bagel with cream cheese, half a salad (with Ross) a packet of cheese crackers, an entire package of sugar wafers, and one of those rectangular prisms of saltine crackers.) This method has effectively taken care of the stomach problems--leaving me to deal with the flu-like headache, aches, and associated nastiness.

But it does raise a question. Why is it that some stomachaches are solved by eating, and others are made worse? Does anyone else feel like this is some kind of a cruel trick?

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Dana Watson said...

I believe the proper term for the long packages of crackers, be they circular (Ritzes), square (saltines), or rectangular (captain's wafers) is a "sleeve" of crackers.

Why my brain holds this knowledge, I do not know.