Friday, October 2, 2009

The amazing shifting woman...

I am outgrowing clothes at an alarming pace. First, I outgrew half of my bras.

A few weeks later, I outgrew the other half, along with all of my button-down shirts.

My normal pants stopped fitting last week, forcing me into some creative architecture (I've since replaced my slouchy jeans, which are my only pants that still fit)

Overall, I've changed shape a lot. I've gained a whole cup size. I'm significantly wider around the waist, and in the past few days, my belly has decided that it's about time to start exploring the outside world. My belly button is already becoming disturbingly shallow.

All of that would be perfectly normal, were it not for the following data, collected incredibly scientifically over a number of weeks :

Pre-pregnancy weight: 190
End-of-first-trimester weight (12 weeks): 185 Weight this morning (15 weeks): 185
(all weights taken on my home scale, at the same point in my morning routine):

Apparently, it's just moving around. Kind of creepy, when you think about it.

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paisana said...

Do we need to go maternity clothes shopping?