Sunday, October 25, 2009

Catch up

Sorry I haven't written much lately. Since I've moved into the unicorn-filled land of sunshine and light known as the Second Trimester, I'm not nauseous all day long, which means that I can go whole hours without thinking about the fact that I'm pregnant! This is a welcome change.

That's not to say that nothing's been happening. We had our second OB appointment, where we got to see the Goober in action again (no pictures--but they weren't as clear this time anyway). The ultrasound machine is pretty amazing. I was always soundly unimpressed by ultrasound images before, but it turns out that they are WAY more interesting in motion, primarily because they are much easier for the lay person to interpret. The baby waved at us, did a little kick-kick jig, and even gave us a full-on view of his/her little hand. Ross made the squeaky squeal he makes when he's really happy, which made me really happy too.

We also had our third OB appointment, which was much less eventful. I learned that I gained 3 pounds between 11 and 15 weeks, which is 3 pounds more that I thought I'd gained! We also got to listen to the baby's heartbeat with the doppler. That was pretty cool, but even cooler was that the baby kicked the wand, giving me auditory confirmation that I can, indeed, feel the baby kick.

Since that appointment, the little goober has been kicking up a storm! Wilco is apparently a favorite--we went to a concert for Ross's birthday last week, and the baby kicked through the whole thing. Since then, the kicking sessions have increased in frequency and power. There are two different kinds of motion--a squirming feeling, almost like worms wriggling around, which I interpret as a baby booty shake, and a solid tap, which is clearly either a kick or a punch. The level of activity in there is pretty amazing. I'm halfway convinced that I'm not gestating a baby, but rather a billy goat.

Ok--that's about all I can manage. I have to go eat something now, and then maybe I'll fall asleep.

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OrnaVerum said...

Is it possible to surreptitiously record Ross's squeal sound, and post it in some lossless audio format? I'm willing to pay upwards of $5.

(I'm guessing $5 wouldn't make him happy enough to squeal directly).