Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A post as scattered as my brain

I'm starting to feel the end of the summer looming. This sucks for several reasons.
1) I hate Michigan winters!
2) Thanks to a particularly cool summer, I have ~4000 green tomatoes on the vine, and have gotten exactly 4 ripe ones.
3) The end of the summer means the end of my high productivity and the start of job-market madness.
4) I have a grant proposal due in two weeks...a grant proposal that is in its twinkle-in-my-eye stage.
5) Did I mention how much I hate Michigan winters?

I still don't know what I'm teaching this coming semester. Good thing classes start late this year--Sept 8th.

On a related note, I have no idea how much I'll be making next semester. I could be teaching
.25 (8-12 hrs/wk)
.5 (18-25 hrs/wk)
.75 (35-45 hrs/wk).
Needless to say, this uncertainty (and the associated income uncertainty) scares me a little bit.

We spent this past weekend moving everything out of Ross's apartment (we're hopefully renting it out this fall). It now looks like something exploded in our living room.

The cats have an ongoing battle over a chair we brought from Ross's place--a chair that will forevermore be known as The Best Chair On The Planet.

We've started training Roxy to be less of a little shit. We're using something we've decided to call "ham therapy".

Ham Therapy:
Step 1: pet cat
Step 2: feed her chunks of ham
Step 3: repeat

She's responding quite well.

Did you know that a package of ham chunks costs less than a similar-sized package of cat treats, and is approximately 1 zillion times better (according to the average cat polled in our living room).

My brain is working about 1/4 speed right now. Could you tell?

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