Saturday, June 28, 2008

We're in Oregon right now, for Ross's 10 year high school reunion. For the past few years, Ross has been trying to get me to try golfing (he was, after all, successful in addicting me to skiing just a few years ago). I've been resisting, is boring, right? My dad used to call it a good walk, ruined. And then there is the fact that golf courses tie up a large amount of land (and in the west, water) for the enjoyment of a small number of (mostly rich) people.

But Ross puts on that sweet face, and who am I to resist his charms? So we went to Beer Creek Golf Course, a tiny course of par 3 holes, with no hole longer than 300 yards. And although I hate to admit it, I actually had a pretty good time. Mind you, I'm not completely converted--I was ready to be done around hole 6, and golf courses are still a waste of land a money--but as a way to enjoy time with my sweetie, it wasn't half bad.

Here's the talley:
9: number of holes we played
6: number of holes I enjoyed
80 yards: length of the shortest hole
2: number of times I needed to yell fore
1: number of times I actually yelled fore
1: number of golf bags I hit
3: the size of the group I nearly hit on the next green over
3: number of balls Ross lost
0: number of balls I lost (Ross claims that I wasn't hitting them hard enough to lose them)


Althea said...

My dad says that people are either fishermen or golfers, so I figure I'm already set when it comes to weekend hobbies set in natural areas using poles that can cost a lot of money but don't need to and involve the frequent loss of small objects. And that are associated with long periods of time on Saturday morning and old white men in funny clothes. But good luck to you with that other one.

Jack said...

Your dad is Mark Twain? :-)


(Actually, I was sure that Mark Twain didn't say "Golf is a good walk spoilt" first, either... but I can't find the proper attribution.)

Anyway, I'm glad you (mostly) had fun!