Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Words Kate Hates, Part 1

I hate the word "pamper".

It hurts just to write it...the hard "p" sound followed by a soft "m"...
the super-extra-girly connotations, paired with an implication of utter frivolity... the strange association my brain makes between it and adult diapers.

I hate that word so much.

Unfortunately, I've been subjected to it a lot lately, because I'm getting married and therefore am required to participate in 650% more girly activities than usual. Just yesterday, I was getting my nails done and had to suffer through a certain amount of wedding chatter. The word "pamper" came up at least...I don't know...a MILLION TRILLION BILLION times.

So now hear this internet! You will never ever hear the word "pamper" come out of my mouth.

My (hypothetical, at this point) children will never wear "Pampers".

And most of all, I will never ever take "Pamperin".


Althea said...

Yeah, strange how weddings have evolved from just a party to a weird conglomeration of rituals in the past century or so. One of these rituals seems to include expecting the bride to recess into an bratty infantile state in which she throws frequent screaming fits and must constantly coddled. Don't know why.

Jake and Jess said...

i hear you.
i hear you.
i hear you!

the two weeks before our wedding were simply torture because everyone wants to treat you differently and do "special" things! ah! it drove me insane, the same craziness over and over and over again!

not to mention that the other "p" word (panty) was used way too often as well.