Tuesday, April 15, 2008

June just became my least favorite month...

This summer is going to be just a teeeensy bit crazy for me.

3rd: get married
5th - 19th: Hawaii
1st: Grinnell College Reunion
2nd - 4th: Talk to MAP students at Grinnell about agent-based modeling
6th - 8th: Printer's Row Book Fair (if my folks get a booth)
9th-11th: Resource Economics Conference in Toulouse
14th: High School Reunion (I wouldn't go, except my best friend is going)
21st: Wedding I'm photographing
13th-17th: Games 2008 conference
8th-?: Wedding in Czech Republic

All of this will be liberally interspersed with work (recall that I'm going on the job market next fall), gardening (R and I have rented a community garden plot this year), and house repairs/renovations (we are going to be selling 2 houses next spring).

At least it will be bookended by vacation!


poofsizzle said...

Hey K-

Have you thought about asking M&D about spending the 7-21st in Chi-town. I realize 2 weeks is a long time, but you could be out and about by day, and it seems silly to drive out to Chicago and back for three weekends in a row... Or you can farm yourself out... thoww your blow up air bed in the back of the car and bumb from one place to another...

kate said...

Unfortunately, we can't work remotely as easily as you might think--we both have meetings and seminars during the week, and Ross is still the lead GSI for the physics labs.

Besides, our cat might get a bit upset if we disappeared for another 2 weeks...not to mention poor Matt, who has to put up with her when he finally gets home from work in the evening. :-P