Thursday, May 27, 2010


Nora is having a hard time deciding between smiling at me and chewing on her hand.

In other news, a baby smiling while trying to jam her entire fist in her mouth is pretty darn cute.

This fascination with sucking on her hands is a recent thing. She's been gaining arm control slowly over time (easily measured by the number of times she accidently whacks herself in the face), and she's been finding her hands with her mouth for a week and a half or so. But these last few days in Pittsburgh, this meeting of hand and mouth has developed from an occasional lucky coincidence to a beloved hobby, enjoyed with gusto. As I type this, she is laying in my lap, alternating between sucking on her index finger, thumb, and licking her entire fist, all accompanied by a range of enthusiastic slurping noises.

Other things she likes to suck/lick/chew on include:

*Her carrier
*Her car seat straps (I have to make sure that her chin isn't trapped in the straps when I tighten them)
*Whatever surface she's laying on
*Her arm
*My arm
*Ross's arm
*Ross's t-shirt
*My bra (there's food in there somewhere!)


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