Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hi all--I'm resurfacing. The last few months have been simultaneously really busy/stressful and really boring. There have been things worth blogging about, but my inner perfectionist won't let me write a half-assed post out of the blue, without "catching up" on all of the other posts I was "supposed" to do. I have at least 5 half-finished elaborate, pictured-filled blog posts in the queue, which I can't seem to find the energy to finish. But why should every post be long and involoved? Wasn't this supposed to be an exercise in informal writing? As in...not stressful?

So here is me, announcing that I'm coming back. I'll post some picture-filled entries when I have the time, but I'm going to start posting short thoughts as well. I figure the combination of the two might be interesting, and...well...more compatible with dissertation writing. I suppose there's always Write or Die.

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Althea said...

Perhaps we should think of blogging as an "anti-Twitter:" a minimum of 140 characters instead of a maximum.

And this "Write or Die" thing looks handy ...