Monday, October 13, 2008

This blog post brought to you by Roxy....

Roxy can't decide which operating system she likes best.

She likes the Mac because it's easy to use. She's good at expose. Sometimes, things bounce up from the dock and she can try to catch them.



But she also likes Linux because random key combinations do the neatest things! Also, it makes her feel hard core. She hopes to meet the Linux penguin someday. And eat him.


Hmmm...if only she could reach the space key.

Fortunately, in our house, she doesn't have to choose which operating system to mess up--we have both! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to clear off my desktop.

Roxy's favs:
Favorite part of the computer: the vent

Favorite key on the Linux PC
: definitely caps lock

Favorite key on the Mac
: toss up between expose, and whatever makes the most beeps

Favorite part of using computers::
getting thrown off of them

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